API Gateway for IBM® Engineering Lifecycle Management (ELM)

IBM Silver Partner
Integrate your tools with IBM ELM DOORS Next

requisis_ELM-API-Gateway provides a public documented API to access IBM® DOORS® Next Generation (DNG)

This powerful API allows you to develop custom automations in your favorite programming langugage to optimize your workflows to get the most out of IBM® DOORS® Next.

With requisis_ELM-API-Gateway  you can e.g. fully retrieve module content from local and global streams with a signle web service request or easily create and update artifacts and attachments and much more.

requisis_ELM-API-Gateway is your Swiss Army Knife for efficient automation development for IBM® DOORS® Next.


  • Standardized and documented access to the DNG platform
  • Develop optimized workflows through automations
  • Solution matured on real-world challenges.
  • Stable interface, even if DNG version and interfaces change.
  • Save time on reverse engineering DNG interfaces and use our documented interface instead
  • Documented in OpenAPI

IBM is a trademark of International Business Machines Corporation registered in many jurisdictions throughout the world.
REQUISIS uses that trademark as IBM Business Partner in order to provide Services for IBM Products.

Key Features

Retrieve Content

Artifacts from global and local streams

Module content from local and global streams

Support for large modules

Attributes & Links

Modify Content

Read, write and modify module structures

Create, update and delete artifacts

Read and update binary artifacts 

Add, move, delete Artifacts from the Module Structure

Create, Discard & Deliver Changesets

Create & Remove Links



Rest & CRUD (Create, Read, Update,Delete)


Documentation available as OpenAPI